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  • Executive Medicals Executive Medicals Executive health & wellness and corporate medical assessments.
  • Sports Medicine Sports Medicine Exercise for wellness and diagnosing & treating sports related injuries
  • General Practitioner " /> General Practitioner Primary healthcare and family medicine practitioner
  • Travel Clinic Travel Clinic Travel health education, vaccination and prophylaxis.
  • Aviation Medicals Aviation Medicals Designated Aviation Medical Examiner for Class II and IV Medicals


Please note that during the national lockdown period, our practice is open by appointment only.
Procedure for flu consultation with possible COVID-19 symptoms
An initial screening via online face-to-face consultation is mandatory.
Thereafter, treatment may be recommended, a referral made, or a physical consultation may be required based on this initial assessment.


Corporate Medicals

Executive/Corporate Medical Examinations

Dr Brandon Head has a special interest in Executive Health and Wellness and is experienced in conducting comprehensive executive medical assessments - for individual private patients, or on behalf of corporate companies - to aid the prevention and early diagnosis of the most common lifestyle-related ailments such as coronary disorders and diabetes; to reduce health risks, manage illness and help achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle.


Sports Medicine

Dr Head is well-experienced to advise on physical fitness and the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise. His passion for exercise and sport, both competitive sport and healthy lifestyle exercise, as well as his personal sporting achievements ensures that he can offer servies including:

  • Diagnosing and treating sports related injuries and attempt to prevent their recurrence
  • Treat medical conditions in the physically active
  • Using exercise as a tool to prevent chronic conditions
Sport Medicals
Avaiation Class 1 & 2  Medicals

Travel Medicine

Dr Head has a wealth of knowledge and vast experience in travel health education, vaccination and prophylaxis.

During your travel health consultation, you will be informed of potential travel health risks, and how to sensibly avoid them, optimising your travel experience. Vaccine recommendations based on your health profile, destination and travel risks will be made. He stocks a full range of travel vaccines including Yellow Fever.

Dr Head is also experienced in the management of all aspects of malaria including preventative measures, chemo-prophylaxis and disease diagnosis and management.


Aviation Medical Examinations

Class II Aviation Medical Examination
The Class II medical certificate standard applies to a Recreational Pilot Licence, Private Pilot Licence and a Commercial Pilot (Balloon) Licence, Remote Pilot License/RPL/Drone pilots licence
Validity: 60 months if under and 36 months if over 40 years

Class IV Aviation Medical Examination
The Class IV medical certificate standard applies to a Glider, Balloon, Microlight, Gyroplane pilot's licence.
Validity: 24 months if under 40 and 12 months if over 40 years

Avaiation Class 1 & 2  Medicals
Dr Brandon Head

Professional Overview of Dr Brandon Head

Dr Head qualified at the University of Witwatersrand in 1989 with an MBBCh and he entered general practice in 1992.

During this time, he practiced as part of a dynamic medical team in a Corporate Wellness Clinic in Johannesburg. Part of his mandate was to develop clinic practice protocols. He conducted comprehensive executive medicals in partnership with the biokineticists at the Corporate Wellness Gym.

His passion for exercise, sport and wellness in medicine, as well as preventative care led him to complete his MSc in Sports Medicine at the University of Pretoria

Dr Head is a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME), currently qualified to perform Class II and IV aviation medical examinations.

He is in the process of qualifying as a Senior DAME and will then offer the full range of aviation medicals (Class I, II, III and IV)

Qualifications Overview

MBBCh University of the Witwatersrand

MSc (Sports Medicine) University of Pretoria

Travel Medicine University of the Witwatersrand

Designated Aviation Medical Examiner Institute for Aviation Medicine/University of Pretoria

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